Kodi Trouble Shooting Guide


Please use the Instructions that come with the Amazon FireTV and Fire Stick to set it up on your TV.  

We have installed TWO Media Center Builds for you. One is called Kodi, the other is called StreamZ. The look and feel are different. Both are great but this gives you a choice. Which one do you find the easiest to navigate? The background images are totally different. Choose the one you like the best for your viewing pleasure. 

Once the fire stick is running on your tv, do the following to run the Media Centers:



Anytime you launch one of these media centers, you want to wait a couple of minutes to make sure all the add-ons are up to date, and then start using the unit. Using it while it’s trying to auto update add-ons often causes it to freeze.


When Kodi is running, the first thing you will probably want to do is watch a movie or TV show. You will find these under the menu options: Click on VIDEOS and then ADD-ONS

The current Kodi setup you have is excellent. But you do have the ability to change just about everything if you wish. You can change the look and feel of Kodi as well as adding new features and add-ons. 

An excellent youtube video on how to use Kodi is listed below. If new to Kodi, this will save you a lot of time figuring out how it works:



A good Kodi Tutorial is listed below:



You can also find hundreds of instructional videos on youtube. Be sure the video you are watching is for V16.1 or V17, depending on your current version.  These videos show you, step by step, exactly what to do when adding different add-ons and features. We would suggest you google ‘kodi version 16.1 video’ to find the best instruction videos.


The directions below fix 90% of the issues most customers face with Kodi. This is a great place to start if you experience a problem with your unit.


First you want to delete the cache, which is saved in difference places so a few steps must be followed. All of our devices have a button in the favorites tab for ease of use Our latest units have 2 options to delete cache installed under the favorite tab, use both RAW Maintenance AND DELETE CACHE button. They both do the same thing for the most part with minor differences. Note-Only click the delete cache button under raw maintenance, don't purge packages or delete thumbnails, it may delete our background if you do. But doesn't affect the setup otherwise. Next follow direction below to enable Zero cache system, it helps with buffering issues (this only needs to be done once for the life of the unit). Inside Kodi click Programs tab then Maintenance tool- Then System tweaks- then enable Zero Cache- Click yes on the popup. Now exit Kodi reboot your device, by reboot we mean click on the "quit" button under the Power tab, and then unplug the power to the device. Plug it back in after you follow the next step to reboot your router and modem. You may also consider Rebooting your modem and router at this point Note- Usually if you unplug both router and modem, you want to plug the modem in first, and wait about 5 minutes to plug in your router.


Step one fixes a majority of issues, if it doesn't work, follow directions for step two. 

Go to settings-application-manage all application-kodi-click force stop-click delete cache (not data), then unplug the power, plug it back in, and launch Kodi and see if it fixed your problem, if not try step 3.


If your device is experiencing a lot of error messages such as "one or more items failed to play" These error messages simply mean that either the add-on is down for repair/update. Or that specific link is not working and you need to try a different link. This is a standard error message, it DOES NOT mean that something is wrong with the device so please don't be concerned.

If this error comes up for every single link you click on, then either the add-on is down for repair, or your device is not getting a strong wifi signal. Even if you pay for 100mbps per month, that does not mean that you internet speed is 100mbps, since Internet speed can vary from room to room in your home. Also a majority of times your internet provider does not provide the speed promised. 

Note- Turning your router off by unplugging the power, and plugging the power back will often reset your router and fixes speed issues. Test your internet speed in the room where you are using the device at http://www.speedtest.net. You want your speed to be above 10mbps download, anything less than 5mbps usually has a lot of buffering issues.

Next try moving the unit to a room that is open and closer to the router, such as the living room. Even if that's not where you want to use your unit, try this step to determine if the issue is wifi reception/internet speed.  If you have the FireTV box, you can also try to hardwire the ethernet cable from the router or modem to the box for better performance.  Regardless of what problem your unit is experiencing, this general troubleshoot is worth performing because it can only help, there is no down side.  

Kodi launches to a black screen or Freezes? 

If BLACK SCREEN then, press the home button to get to the amazon screen, then go to settings-applications-manage all applications-kodi-Force stop- Then click Delete cache (not data). Then unplug the power, plug it back in. And launch kodi again, and let it sit there for a few minutes initially so all the updates can take place. Then start using the unit.

If Freezing issue then, go to settings- applications- manage all applications- Kodi- Force stop- then click launch Kodi and let it sit for a few minutes so it can update without interruption.

NOTE- Anytime you launch Kodi, you want to wait a couple of minute to make sure all the add ons are up to date, and then start using the unit. Using it while it’s trying to update addons often cause it to freeze.



Within Amazon's Settings menu there is a 'Manage Applications' menu.  Kodi is one of those App's. Within that option there is a 'Clear Data' button.  Please DO NOT click that button, it can erase all of your content inside Kodi.



Not all addons will work all the time. That's simply not how the system is designed. Add-on's will occasionally go down for repair or updates and they sometimes can take weeks to come back up. Rarely an add-on might close down for good. But there is nothing to worry about because we install several add-ons that do the same thing and provide you with the same content. If one goes down, there are several to take its Place.


Some Add-ons that need to be configured, require you to have an account or Username and Password. Some you can get for free by going to the website it says to, and others cost money. Over 95% of apps are free. 

Due to the nature of this software. Not all Add-ons work and not all Add-ons that work, work all of the time. The makers of these Add-ons may do it as a hobby and not their job. And websites & servers will from time to time change settings and code, or get too many users using them or get shutdown, making the Add-ons not work or work right.


We take no liability for any of these Add-ons written by 3rd parties. We are not responsible for their content or application.  Due to the nature of our content, we are not responsible for the content streamed to your device and neither do we condone piracy so you must satisfy yourself that either you or the sites accessed for streaming have the copyright agreements in place and are entitled to access this content.  We have no control over the links on any site that Kodi provides a link to. If you see any form of infringements, please contact appropriate media file owners or host sites immediately.


Kodi Questions / Answers


Why Do Kodi Add-ons Buffer and Kick Connections?



 How do I remove close-caption subtitles?

The usual way to disable subtitles is when a video is playing, under the play bar (right side) click the volume tab and then un-click the subtitles icon.


I’m new to Kodi, and I downloaded 1Channel. The issue I have is it takes five minutes to load a page. When I hit the next button it says working for five minutes before it switches pages, everything else runs fine. I don’t know what the issue is.


Yes 1Channel and other popular add-ons have been running real slow this last week.  When this happens the popular add-ons slowly release updates to fix the problem. It depends how long it takes them to update as it is all free.
Add-ons usually will update automatically.
Since they are all running slow, which doesn’t happen often, I can’t help but think their servers have become overloaded as Kodi has become so popular.
All we can do is wait for them to fix it. Shows and movies can still be found and watched it just takes longer to load and find an open server.
Exodus, SALT (Stream All The Sources), and Phoenix are the ones I use the most.


When I click on a movie it states it is loading but nothing happens it just stays on same screen.

Here is a post that may help understand Kodi and its add-ons better:



How do I remove any Adult channels?

       The youtube video pasted below shows how to remove adult channels:

I've also pasted below how to turn on Parental Controls in Kodi:

 You can also turn on Parental Controls for the FireTV or Fire Stick as well.


 Will amazon ever block Kodi from working on the firetv or fire stick.

Pasted below is a link that will answer that question for you:
If you still want to block amazon from being able to block Kodi, the links below show you how to do this:


My remote is not working.

 Please click the youtube video link below that shows how to fix the remote:


ISSUE #1: A script error or “no stream available” message comes up when I click on a stream in Kodi.

REASON: This is an occurrence that we come across every day when streaming. It’s the nature of the beast so to speak. The developers who make these add-ons write code that will bring MANY streaming sources to one place. Along with all of the great sources comes some that will not work.

SOLUTION: This is an easy fix. We recommend that you try multiple links for streaming. For instance, one of the best add-ons for Movies and TV shows is Genesis. If you try a link that does not work in Genesis, simply try the next one on the list. You WILL find a stream that works. It does take a couple of tries sometimes, but it sure beats paying for cable! Also, please try different add-ons and apps to find the same content. 


ISSUE #2: When I click on the stream I want to watch, the video does not load quickly and I experience buffering.

REASON: There could be a couple of reasons behind this issue. It could be your Internet speed, the distance from your router, or the functionality of the router.

SOLUTION: The first solution has to do with your Internet speed. The easiest way to check your Internet speed is to run the Speed Test http://www.speedtest.net. The speeds that we recommend for streaming are as follows:

Speeds Down Stream (In Megabits Per Second)
SD Minimum 2Mbps
SD recommended 5Mbps
HD Minimum 5Mbps
HD recommended 10Mbps

If you are getting these speeds you should not be having any issues, but if you are still experiencing these issues, try clearing the cache.

To clear the cache in Kodi or other apps:

  1. Click the “settings” tab on the launch screen.
  2. Click the “other” tab at the top of the screen.
  3. Click “more settings”.
  4. Scroll down to the “apps” heading and click that.
  5. Choose the Kodi app (or other apps like showbox, HD cinema, etc.) and choose the “clear cache” option.

If you are NOT getting these speeds there are a couple of things you can do. First, reset your router by unplugging the router for one minute. During this time also unplug the FireTV / Fire Stick. After the minute is up plug in the router first and then plug in the FireTV / Fire Stick. This can help increase the speed that the box will get for a WiFi connection.

Second, make sure your box is close to your router. We recommend that the unit be within 10 feet of your router to ensure you will get the best signal for a WiFi connection.

The last fix for this is to contact your Internet Service Provider to make sure you are getting the speed for which you are paying. They may be experiencing an issue and alerting them can help you get the speed you need. Also, contact your router manufacturer to make sure the router is working correctly to give all of your devices the correct speed.


ISSUE #3: The add-on that I use the most is not working.

REASON: Unfortunately this does happen, and sometimes it happens pretty often. Developers stop working on add-ons for many different reasons. It may be down for good, or you may just have to wait a couple of hours for the next update to fix issues with the add-on.

SOLUTION: Try multiple add-ons! This sounds so simple but it is the best way to find the content you are wanting to stream. 

We really CANNOT STRESS THAT ENOUGH. Loaded with Kodi, this is an amazing device capable of saving you THOUSANDS of dollars per year. There are certain nuances and things to learn to make the best use of this box. One of the biggest pieces of advice is to try multiple links and multiple add-ons/apps. We will always do our best to assist with troubleshooting the box or point you in the right direction when certain add-ons are not working. However, we DO NOT host, develop, or run any of the add-ons on the box.