Kodi Youtube Videos

An excellent youtube video on how to use Kodi is listed below. If new to Kodi, this will save you a lot of time figuring out how it works:



Did you accidentally delete the Kodi build received on your Fire Stick or FireTV?  Would you like to change it to a different build (set up)?    The links below show you how to do this yourself:

Install Beast 1.4.1 NEWEST UPDATE 2016 KODI / XBMC ADDON


 The Beast Build customized for the Fire Stick



Are there so many addons loaded to your Kodi that the speed is being effected?  Do you want to get rid of some of the addons so you can load others in their place?  Here are instructions showing how to remove unwanted addons from your Kodi set up:




It is a very good idea to back up your Kodi Set Up (Build). If you should ever accidently delete it, you’ll be able to re-install it without having to pay someone (us) to do it for you:




Sport Devil cannot be set for auto update. If it stops working, you can use the video below to install a new version.



IPTV Stalker 2016 Add-on For KODI/XBMC (Clone IPTV Stalker)



New 2016 Best TV Movie Addons For Kodi