Your device has thousands of video add-ons pre-installed in the Kodi Media Center. This gives you virtually unlimited options as to what you can stream. This is an amazing amount of choices, however, it also can make it difficult to choose which add-ons to use for certain types of programs. We have heard feedback from our customers that it would be nice to have a list of some of the top add-ons and what they are best for streaming. With that in mind, we have composed this list. We will update this regularly and we would love your feedback on what we can add as well. One thing to remember, we DO NOT develop nor host these add-ons. They can go down or buffer at any time. We recommend using several different ones so that if something happens to one add-on, the other ones can be used. ENJOY!!


TV shows and Movies

GENESIS – This was one of the best add-ons. Unfortunately development has stopped and it is no longer working properly.

Velocity - Developed by Blazetamer. A great choice for movies and tv shows.

Ice Films – Lots of streams and many choices of shows and movies.

1 Channel – One of the most popular add-ons in Kodi.

Phoenix – Many choices of shows and HD movies. 

Showbox – app added outside of Kodi through the Aptoide app or the browser.

Navi-X – Very good, but sometimes hard to navigate.

Live TV

BBTS - Lots of Live TV options from all over the world.

Phoenix – Crusader88 within Phoenix is great for international streams. Phoenix TV is great as well. The Woody section has lots of live TV and sports.

Mobdro – app available through their website This is also outside of Kodi. Note. We've already loaded it for  you.

Dexter TV - Great links for live TV and sportsVdubt25 - Lots of links for live TV all over the world.

Channel Pear - Great choice of Live TV channels.


Sports Devil – great for US and International streams. One of the most reliable sources.

Mobdro – Great if you know what channel the event will be on. Some very good streams.

NBA on-demand, NHL, etc. – There are many sports specific add-ons that can be found depending on what you are looking for.

Phoenix – Phoenix TV offers sports streams. The Woody section is the best, the NHL section is great for replaying games.

Dexter TV – Some high quality links for sports.

Pro Sports - This add-on scrapes reddit for great sports streams. Lots of reliable links.

Let us know if you have any other ones that you recommend. This is only the start of this list, so we will be adding to it as things change. Again, we DO NOT develop or host any of these add-ons. We want this link to be a resource for our fans and customers.