9 Piece Set of Cold Chilling Sipping Stones With Bag

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9 Pcs/Set of Cold Whisky Chilling Sipping Stones Glacier Stone Wine Tea Drink Cooler Cooling Ice Cube Rocks With Bag

Impress your guests by serving chilled whisky and spirits that are full flavored, not watered down with melting ice. This handsome set also makes a great gift.

Serve Whisky at the Perfect Temperature:

You\'ve heard the saying that whisky should be served at room temperature. But that saying came from Scotland, where "room temperature" is cooler than it is in more temperate zones. In places like the United States, whisky is often served too warm. But ice cubes make it too cold , which also kills the flavor.

This sipping stones are not meant to cool as a drink as quickly or as much as ice. They are intended to provide a slight chill-between 8 and 15 degrees-that will protect the taste without drowning the quality.

Safe and Attractive Soapstone:
Known for it's ability to maintain a temperature for long periods of time, natural soapstone is listed as Generally Regarded As Safe (GRAS) by the FDA. Soapstone is made up of talc which will not react to water, alcohol and or other drinks. Soapstone has more thermal mass than such stones as granite, allowing it to retain its chill longer. It\'s also softer and lightweight to prevent scratching.

How to Use Soapstone:
Rinse before first usage then place in your freezer until the stones are as cold as desired. When ready, add two or three stones to your glass. Fill the glass with enough liquid to cover the stones. Let the drink sit for a few minutes to allow the stones to chill your drink. After use, simply rinse and allow the stones to dry before returning them to your freezer. Never chew or attempt to eat.

Package List:
  • 9 x Soapstones. 1 x Velvet Bag.

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